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How You Would Lose in Network Marketing? Home Based Vs. Office Based

In this article, I’d like to compare two methods of working:

Home Based and Office Based..

Although Office Based method is not ordinary in NM, yet it is an attractive method for some network marketers..Rapid increase in sales, seeing all organization easily, and keeping a good atmosphere in organization are some reasons why inexpert and new network marketers are attracted to this method..However leaders of an organization will determine how to work..Let’s take a look at advantages of Home Based over Office Based method..

EXPENSES: If you Google NM or MLM, the first thing that you will notice is that in almost all of the websites about NM, the phrase Home Based is used..One of the most beautiful things about starting this business is that you need minimum capital for starting it..Usually expenses of starting a network marketing business is not more than $750, and rarely it reaches $1500..For this reason, everyone can start a network marketing business..I saw some network marketers that spent all their income plus extra money to pay for office expenses and they went in debt while easily they could do it at their homes and save their money..It’s really puzzling how you can go in debt in NM! Why you have to pay this amount for something that is harmful for your organization? You can easily enjoy your income and avoid unnecessary payments used to keep the offices open..Also, the worst thing is the stress that you have at the time of payments, which will kill your focus on your organization and you must think of how to pay this expense..

DUPLICATION: With a fast look on organizations that work Office Based, you can see some leaders who are always in the office with good knowledge about the company and industry, as well as beginners who ask their questions from these leaders..Between these two groups, there are many “networkers!” who know almost nothing! These group of people come to the offices twice weekly, if any, because they feel there is no need for them to be there, since there is already a leader who knows everything and can support his/her organization much more better! And unfortunately they are right! In a while, new beginners find that after making a small organization they can do the same, and they will learn how to don’t support the organization and make money! But they don’t know they’ll never make it this way! After two years, you’ll see the same leaders in the office work with the different beginners, this will happen till they’ll die! There is NO organization; it’s like just starting a small business for others..

SENSE OF NEEDINESS: The obvious fact of working in offices is that you cannot tell beginners and even higher levels for paying expenses because if they are asked for extra money other than buying a product in the beginning, they will quite the business..So you (as an up-line) have to pay for office and it is dangerous part of the situation! When you have to prepare place and opportunity for new costumers to make presentation, it clearly means that you need them so much that you are willing to pay such a money! And actually they are your employee..NM is an opportunity to start your OWN business but by paying this money and preparing all the things for them, it proves vice versa. Your organization is working for YOU and it is YOUR business not their business..

EASY TO DO: If you are a leader of your organization now, when you want to do something, always ask 2 questions from yourself: 1.IS IT DUPLICABLE? 2. IS IT EASY TO DO? Working office based is nether duplicable, nor easy to do..It is absolutely not duplicable because everyone cannot pay extra money for offices and definitely not easy to do because many of prospects at the time of presentation in your office think that they are not able to rent such office for their organization..If they already had $6,000 or $10,000, they would prefer to invest it in other secure places not for paying for office..

STATISTICS: Direct Selling Organization ( released a good statistics about MLM in their official website..LESS THAN 3% OF ALL SALES OF DIRECT SELLING COMES FROM OFFICES..Focusing on this small amount of sales is not logical at all..More than 70% of sales comes from home based organizations (the remaining percentage comes from telemarketing and other ways)..Also, many big network marketers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Yarnell advice that start your business at your home to lower the capital of starting to minimum possible and the biggest influence and profit..

Network Marketing is the best opportunity for people in middle and lower economic class to start their business from nothing and earn millions of dollars..The major reason that everybody can do it is because it is HOME BASED..If you focus on the small percentage of sales in offices, it means that you have ignored the great percentage of sale AND SO GREAT PERCENTAGE OF THE PROFITS..Lets don’t change the nature of this business..Let’s do it as it is: HOME BASED..

Respects, Fatih

Why your business needs a web-site?

The first and foremost answer is: To establish a presence. Close to 500 million people world-wide have access to the World Wide Web. No matter what your business is you can't ignore 500 million people. Even if you just conduct business within your community, you want to let people in that community know that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. If you don't, your competitors will.

The next good reason to put your business on the web is: to network. A lot of what passes for business is nothing more than making connections with other people. Every smart business-person knows; it's not what you know, it's who you know. Passing out your business card is part of every good meeting and every business-person can tell more than one story how a chance meeting turned into a big deal. What if you could pass out your business card to thousands, maybe millions of potential clients? You can do this 24 hours a day, inexpensively and simply, on the internet.

You can also make business information available to everyone who wants it without any additional effort. You can give them answers to questions like: What are your hours? What do you do? How can someone contact you? Where are you located? What are today's specials? If you could keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you, don't you think you could do more business? You can on the internet.

There are even restaurants in some areas taking lunch orders over the internet. In this short space we have just lightly touched on the number of reasons to put your business on the web. The following are some more good reasons for getting your web site today.

To serve your customers!

To heighten public interest

To release Time Sensitive Material

To sell things!

To reach a highly desirable demographic market

To answer frequently asked questions

To stay in contact with sales people

To open international markets

To create 24 hour customer service

To allow feedback from customers

To reach the media

To reach the education and youth market

To reach any specialized market!

Many companies are placing their entire catalog of products on-line, and some have built elaborate database driven web applications that help web surfers buy their products and services and pay for them online.

Respects, Fatih

Levels of Leadership

Becoming an effective leader is a lot like being in the stock market. You don’t make your fortune in a day; you make it daily, a little bit at a time. What matters most is what you do day after day, over the long haul. The secret to leadership success is investing in your leadership development, much like letting your assets compound. The final result is “Leadership Growth” over time. Leaders aren’t born; their made. The process of leadership is long, complicated and has made elements. Respect, dignity, discipline, people skills, vision, emotional strength, opportunity, preparedness and experience are just some of the intangible elements which come into play when talking leadership. We can, over a period of time, increase our leadership potential if we can understand and accept the five levels of leadership. They are;

Level One – Leadership From Position. This is the basic level of leadership. At this level people follow you because they have to. Your ability to lead people is totally geared to your position and does not exceed beyond the lines of your job description or the authority granted to you by the company and your boss. Your security with the company is based on title and position, not talent. To be an effective leader at this level know your job, be prepared to accept responsibility, exercise authority with caution, assess the strengths and short comings of your people, do more than what is expected and challenge people with interesting and tough assignments. It is important that we recognize that Positional Level is the doorway to leadership and every successful leader must pass through this doorway..

Level Two – Leadership From Respect. At the respect level of leadership people follow you because they want to. The core of Leadership From Respect is that people want to know that you care, before they care about what you know. People see you as a professional partner, sharing the same goals and the same challenges along the way. Leadership will flourish at the respect because respect will breed lasting trusted professional relationships and that, in turn will provided the basis for effective leadership. To be effective at the respect level, possess a genuine concern for your people. It is important that you see life through their eyes. Deal with wisely with difficult people and make employees successful by setting them up for success. Since leadership from respect is built on professional relationships, it forms the foundation for leadership success.

Level Three – Leadership From Results. People follow you because of what you have done for the company. People admire you for your accomplishments and respect your tenacity. At this point leadership becomes fun. Going to work is fun, work related challenges are seen to be opportunities for a more stable work environment and all tasks have a purpose in the minds of the employees. Good things happen at the results level. Making profit, low employee turnover, higher employee morale and solving problems with ease are some of the items that become evident at this level. To be an effective leader at this level be prepared to initiate and accept responsibility for growth by developing a purpose and seeing it through to completion. Develop accountability for results, beginning with yourself and ending with your people. Make the difficult decisions that will result in positive long term gains while championing change as a change agent and understanding the process of change. Leadership from results is built on admiration for the leader.

Level Four – Leadership From People Development. People follow you because of what you have done for them. It is a leader’s responsibility to develop their people to do the work that is expected to contribute future growth opportunities to the company and the people who serve it. People are loyal to you because they see first hand personal growth opportunities for them as well as, the company. Leadership success is underscored by a win – win scenario and a high commitment to success. To be effective at this level place a priority on developing people. Focus your attention on the fact that people are your most valuable asset and your leadership success will depend on your ability to surround yourself with an inner core of competent people who compliment your leadership style and goals. Leadership from people development is built on loyalty.

Level Five – Leadership From Mentorship. People follow you because they respect you. As a leader you are bigger than life and your success is shown through a life of accomplishments. People seek you out after you have left the company because you have left an indelible mark on the organization and the employees. Although less than five per cent of all leaders will get to this level of leadership it is a level worth for. In summary, everyone can become a better leader. It is important to keep in mind that the higher you go up the leadership scale, the longer it takes to accomplish results, the higher the commitment will be and it is imperative that we know what level we are on with our people and the company..

Respects, Fatih

How to kill all your effort in a short time in MLM!

Network Marketers know that building a good organization is not easy, it needs hard work, enthusiasm, training, leadership and persistence, it takes a lot of time. The good point is that all of your hard work, enthusiasm, training and etc will be duplicated and will become the culture of your organization, after a while you'll have a lot of people in your group that take the business seriously and they become your capital. You have a money making engine!

"Switch Off" is one of the effective ways that you can destroy all of your effort and capital that you made by hard work! We use this term for the times that a network marketer ignores his/her group for a specific time. Not being available means "switch off". Availability for your organization is one of the basics of success in network marketing, being available is necessary for training your group, open their calls, answer their questions, solve their problems and encourage them, availability make them confident of you. The meaning of "support" (in my organization) is " I'll be there to help you build YOUR business whenever and wherever you need" so when you "switch off" you'll ignore the promise and meaning of "support".

Switch Off is dangerous at any level whatever you are a simple sponsor or a leader with a big organization, but in higher levels it is more dangerous, there is NOT any acceptable reason for switch off, it affects your organization anyway. It is specially dangerous when it happens in a repetitive manner, it will destroy your reputation as a leader. Hard work, hard work, switch off, zero... start again, hard work, hard work, switch off and again zero! after some years you will find yourself working hard in your business and your organization is still small, also the money that you made from this business is not promising. In this situation they want to change the company and even business but it is a wrong idea.

The worst part of switch off is its duplication, as I mentioned earlier in this article, all of your positive points will be duplicated and for this reason you will be paid in network marketing but negative things also have duplication! Stronger, Deeper and Faster, In network marketing, anytime you want to do something, think about its duplication, what happens if my down-lines do the same? cause they will! if you "switch Off" the duplication will be a catastrophe! in big scales you will lose hundreds and even thousands of hours work daily in your organization, it equals to thousands of dollars, if the reason that you are switching off for worth such kind of money it's Okay but in most cases it's not!

This kind of "Switch Off" is obvious and has it's obvious effects, There is another kind of "switch Off" that is silent switch off, when a sponsor physically supports his/her organization but "Mentally" he/she "Switched Off", It is also very dangerous because network marketing is a very dynamic business that need a lot of attention and planing. Your organization needs your "Brain" as well as "presence".

Pass the road of success completely, your switch off will cause delay in your success, pass it once and forever, your integrity is very crucial to make a big success in any business and profession.

Never Never Switch Off!

Respects, Fatih